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January Birthstone - Garnet

Garnet is the January birthstone. Garnet is said to give the wearer victory, chastity, truth and fidelity. Garnet's use in jewelry began with the ancient Egyptians and possibly even earlier. This blood red gemstone is perfect to brighten up the day during winter.

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The garnet gemstone comes in variety of colors, not just red. The garnet variety chrome pyrope is a lovely red color that is like ruby. Pyrope garnet has the deep red color that most of us are familar with. Almandine garnet is a dark purple red. Demantoid garnet is a bright green color. The most sought after color of garnet is the tsavorite variety which is a gorgeous bright green. Rhodolite garnet is also prized for its bright red color with firey flashes. Hessonite garnet is orange-brown. Mandarin garnet is the rarest garnet and is bright orange.

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