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A Brief Guide to August Birthstones

The birthstones that are set aside for the month of August represent a nice range of choices that can be implemented into your life in a number of ways. Between the traditional, modern, and alternate listings that most people choose as the chief references for birthstones, people born during August can choose from a collection of five different stones. This amount of variety provides a lot of leeway in coming up with ways to make use of your birthstone.

August Modern and Traditional Birthstone: Peridot

August Birthstone PeridotThe selections for August birthstones are not always as well known as other stones, but they do provide a nice mix of options. From the modern listing of birthstone options, August can enjoy the peridot. The traditional listing for August includes two stones: sardonyx and carnelian.

August Alternate Birthstone: Sardonyx

An alternative recommended listing to the modern and traditional options provides the choices of the sapphire, aventurine, and sardonyx. From this listing of beautiful stones, it is possible to come up with all sorts of interesting pieces that celebrate your birth month.

One way to enjoy your birthstones is to go with the more predictable pieces of jewelry. This would include incorporating the stones into such items as earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. In order to make these typical applications a little more interesting, mix things up a little by using two or more of the birthstones that show up on one list or the other. This will help to add visual interest to the piece, and is more likely to be appropriate for wear in more than one setting.

Another idea is to think about including examples of one or more of your August birthstones into elements in your home. This can be done with some very subtle touches, such as using them in the design for a picture frame, a figurine, or even by having the stones used as embellishment on some item around the house, such as tiebacks to drapery panels. Finding little ways to enhance your space with reminders of your birthday will not only give your home a more personal touch. They will also give you little touches that remind you of who you are and what your family means to you.