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April Birthstone - Diamond

The diamond is April's birthstone. Some say that those born in April are the luckiest as the diamond is the April birthstone. Since ancient times, diamonds have been treasured for their brilliance and fire. Diamonds are also the symbol of love. Romans called this month April as it means to open, like the opening of buds on plants in spring.

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Diamonds are of course the most wanted gemstone, but there is more to a diamond that its brilliance. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance and only a diamond can cut another diamond. A diamond is the only gemstone prized for a complete lack of color. This does not mean that clear or white is the only color for diamonds.

Diamonds can occur in any color though yellow and brown are the most common. There are even black diamonds, though they are really dark brown from so many inclusions in the diamond. Fancy colored diamonds are rare due to their intense, bright color. The rarest colored diamond is the blue diamond.

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